People Of The Boot

Searching for the perfect book cover

Searching for the perfect book cover

Editor Dashiel Lawrence answers: ‘What’s the cover design all about?’

Early into the process of creating People of the Boot we searched for a design for the cover.

We wanted a cover that reflected the spirit of the collection; a celebration of Jewish achievement and participation. It needed to capture the diversity of sporting involvement – men and women across all codes.

Interesting enough to pick up at an independent bookstore but accessible to buy from a junior football canteen. Not the easiest brief, I admit.  

 I rang and emailed around without success. And then one day I ran into a friend at a train station and shared my travails.

 He had one name in response, a young artist called Tunni Kraus.

 “It has to be Tunni!” he insisted.

 Tunni divides his time between Tel Aviv, Hong Kong and Balaclava (in Melbourne’s bagel belt). A busy guy, but he embraced the project. He is a painter and sculptor who crafts installations and public art. He works with shopping trolleys and milk crates. Immensely talented and original, he has produced a range of other designs including artwork for the band Husky. But could he deliver a book cover?

After some thought Tunni proposed a painting that captured a post-grand final scene. The moment of team mates huddling around in excitement, reaching up for a giant cup (see the image of Geelong after the 2011 Grand Final).  The cup wasn’t to be a premiership cup but a traditional Shabbat Kiddush cup.

Perfect, we said.

After several months of sketching and painting and emails exchanged, Tunni came back with the finished product. He used acrylic on canvas, painting with his preferred thick, free brush strokes. The painting was photographed at high resolution. Dane and Kasia (from Susu Studio) then worked this image into the final cover design.

We’re delighted with the finished product. It soars. And it encapsulates each of the 26 chapters beautifully. We look forward to sharing it with you soon. 

Check out Tunni’s artwork and latest projects. And be sure to visit Dane and Kasia at Susu Studio.